Image by Angiola Harry

Cuddles Initiative

August 15th to September 15th 2021

The Cuddles Foundation focuses on providing nutritious food, clothes and monetary support to children with cancer and to children impacted by the pandemic. Over the past few years, Neev has consistently worked with the Cuddles Foundation, strengthening our investment in this cause. Since Cuddles are entirely dependent on donations to continue their work, we encouraged students to join a 30-day citizen-led movement which asked citizens to exercise and pledge a distance to assist children affected by cancer. 

Fit Neev Movement for PYP

 Launched on September 6th 2021

The Fit Neev Movement was launched by the sports captain, vice captain and junior sports captain along with the sports department. It encouraged PYP students to have a daily schedule of physical activity and awarded badges to students who completed this program. In order to make these badges, the sports department organised a badge-making competition for grades 4-5. This was an inter-house competition and points will be awarded to the first two badges.

Sports Practice
Image by David Pennington

Qualifying Rounds of Quiz Competition

September 23rd and 24th 2021

On September 23rd, grades 9-12 completed the qualifying rounds for the upcoming quiz competition. This was done on September 24th for grades 6-8. Both sets of students demonstrated a strong knowledge of current affairs, science, sports and humanities among other disciplines, however,  only 4 students are selected to participate in the final competition in early October. 

Measuring Impact: 

Over 200 students participated in these qualifying rounds for the quiz competition! Starting the year off very strong for participation in house competitions, we hope to sustain this trend in the future. 

Blackout Poetry Competition by Neev Times

September  21st to 26th 2021

The blackout poetry competition was carried out by the Neev Times and asked students to submit poetry in the following language options: English, Hindi, Spanish and French. Students used texts provided by the Neev Times team to generate creative poems of their own! 

Measuring Impact: 

50 students nominated themselves to be involved in the competition and get a chance at being featured in the first issue of the Neev Times! We are thrilled to see so many young poets actively expressing themselves!

Image by Ksenia Makagonova